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Most men think that trying to befriend and date a woman is similar to inviting complications in life. But when you know exactly how to react and respond to a woman who is waiting for you to take the lead, then the relationship will bear no complications at all.
We presented you some of the tips below, that will help you to get your dream girl as soon as possible:

Know your charm and do not overdo it

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You need to know what is that one thing that attracts people to you in general. Then you need to use the charm on the women with whom you want to chat or whom you want to date.
This charm can be your genuine personality, your crooked smile, your five-o’clock shadow, tall height, or something similar. However, ensure that you do not brag about it.
Women stay away from men who brag about their features and strengths. Just go with the flow while the charm which makes you stand out in the crowd works on its own.

Be patient to know the vibe between the two of you

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Do not hurry or come across as someone too curious. Otherwise, it will look like you are a creep who just wants to get laid as soon as possible. Take time to talk about random stuff and whatever comes to your mind, apart from the usual sexting.
Do not jump over the question to ask if the woman is single or not.
First of all, if she was not single, she would not be on the dating app or any dating platform you find her on.
Secondly, even if she is not single, and looking for rebounds or flings online, asking this question within an hour of the first chat is like earning negative points in the targeted woman’s mind.

Try to make the girl laugh and create an ever-lasting impression

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Laughter is the best way to get into the woman’s mind and heart. However, it is also combined with genuine care and attention. Thus, make sure you know how to make your lovely woman laugh. If she can laugh because of you, it means you are creating a great impact on her mind as well as the heart.

Drop-in usual compliments that come off as a surprise but do not make it too cheesy

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Often, men do not know how to limit themselves to complimenting a woman. Most women have a sharp intuition. They already know when a man is trying to impress her or just wanting to get into her pants.
On the flip side, a woman always knows if the compliment you have just given her is genuine or not. That is the intensity of their judgemental skills. Thus, plan to drop subtle compliments at the initial stages of your relationship or friendship.
When the bond gradually evolves between the two of you, then you can start experimenting with bold comments and compliments. That is because then the woman is already familiar with your nature, and probably already trusts you for not getting into her pants directly.

Let her also take the lead once in a while

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If you are dating a modern woman, then to avoid any sort of conflict, step back one a while. It gives you a clearer picture to know if the woman you love is feeling the same for you or not.
You can find such familiar dating tips even on dating sites, which will tell you that you also need to test the depth of your woman’s feelings. This is necessary because you should not spend time and effort on the wrong woman.
Thus, if you take a step back, she will notice that you are not giving her the attention you gave her earlier. It will force her to overthink or maybe even put two thoughts together of something that has gone wrong along the line.
During this time, she will want to talk to you more, she will even ask you out on a date, and probably will set plans, which she lacked before. If that all happens, you will know that you are on the right track. However, if that’s not the result, you know then what you have to do.

Make her feel important, especially during her periods

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When a woman is going through periods, that is one of her unstable times of the month. She will feel moody through different emotions of anger, insecurity, frustration, failure, and hot desire to get laid.
Thus, she will need constant support from someone she loves or someone who loves her immensely. This is the time you can show her all your love, which otherwise might look too cheesy.
You can bring her flowers, chocolates, watch movies together, or make plans together to do something indoors. You can even give her a surprise visit while talking to her on the phone. She will feel euphoric instantly.
Then, as narrated by many dating experts on Datingadviceforguys, she can finally see you as a man instead of just a friend or someone she has been talking to casually. One can even say, during periods, you can take your relationship to a serious level, if you want to.

Make sure you give equal importance to your personal growth

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Modern women fall for those men even more who know how to be romantic combined with success in their life. A woman has an instinct to fall for the man who can show alpha features but can also be like a king to her queen.
Thus, to impress a woman or to date her for a long time, you need to focus on balancing your personality and life as well. This will only happen when you are doing great financially and physically, as well.
If you are physically fit, not too bulky, or not too lean, and earn a great amount per month, with a proper vision for life to lead, a woman will definitely be attracted to you. She will want to date you forever because you are self-made, respectable, and know how to carry yourself.

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