Tory Denies Shooting Megan Thee Stallion And Alleges They Had A Relationship In New Album (Listen)


Lawd! This is just way TEW much y’all! We’ve all been waiting to hear what Tory Lanez has to say after news broke that both he and Megan Thee Stallion were involved in a shooting. Since then, Megan has identified Tory as her shooter, he’s singing another tune. In fact, he’s straight up calling Megan a liar. He’s been dropping all kinds of allegations y’all and we are here to SERVE THE TEA!

Let’s get into it. On his track ‘Money Over Fallouts’ he straight up denies all of the allegations and says he was not the one who shot Megan, despite her claims that he did. See that below:

He also alleged that her team is trying to frame him for her shooting on that same song:

He also goes on to spill a bunch of tea on the night he, Megan and Kylie were in a pool together. No need to search for the clip, we TOLD Y’ALL WE ARE SERVING TEA!!

Welp! Turns out that Tory WAS feeling some type of way about Kylie, listen to what he had to say about that whole experience. A mess!

You would think between that and denying he had any involvement with Megan’s shooting, it would be enough, but nope, he doesn’t stop there! He also goes into detail about his alleged relationship with Megan. YES Y’ALL, Tory is claiming that they had a whole relationship. He alleged that they would take secret flights to see each other, they bonded over both of their mom’s passing away and that Megan would lie to her best friend about what they had going on!

Megan wasn’t the only one that was getting aired out. Tory saved some for Dream Doll, Masika and JR Smith.

At this point, the tea is OVERflowing y’all! Needless to say social media has already expressed that they feel a way that he’s exploiting the shooting while others argue that he’s being an artist and talking about his experiences. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Until then, get tea directly in your text inbox? Hit us up at 917-722-8057 or click here to join!


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