Trivial of Fire and Ice Radio Westeros – 11th half

We transfer ahead with the trivia games of ice and fire, created by the buddies of the unbelievable podcast in English (which I speak) Radio Westeros. As you realize, these trivia games are a contest of questions on a Song of ice and hearth, translating the questions of the Quiz of Radio Westeros…many of whom usually are not precisely straightforward.

As in any trivial, the trick is to attempt to reply the questions with out wanting on google or comparable sources to reply instantly (if you must have a look at the books we may implement).

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We will present you the audio of the episode in English and I’ll put up beneath the questions in Spanish. We embody on this article the solutions to the questions from last week.

Trivial of ice and hearth XVIII – Characters (sixth half)

  • 1. What character, after we say that the life of Bran’s not definitely worth the effort after the autumn, don’t agree, saying: “death is so… final! While life is full of possibilities.”
  • 2. After falling into shame, to what member of the Faith tells the queen Margaery that she want to tear out the eyes?
  • 3. What character is requested by Jaime about should you imagine in ghosts, answered within the affirmative, saying that if we go away a hint odorous in life, in all probability go away one thing comparable once you die?
  • 4. What’s the identify you place Arya as a personality of the House of Black-and-White that appears to be a younger woman with face emaciated and regardless of this, has 36 years?
  • 5. What character, the son of Jumpy, full of remorse for the loss of life of his brother and assaults Tyrion with a knife and is arrested for being Jorah Mormont?
  • 6. What wild, buddy of the Guard of the Night, he was the mentor of Varamyr Seispieles and who taught him concerning the ethical boundaries of being a cambiapieles, who known as abominations?
  • 7. What dothraki provides Daenerys her marriage ceremony reward bow huesodragón by appointing him ko as a result of he saved her life ending with Cohollo with an arrow?
  • 8. What member of the privy council is sick, and as a counselor of the foreign money has to retreat to the mattress and coughing up blood when despatched by the financial institution of Braavos Noho Dimittis involves him?
  • 9. What lord of Lonely Light posits his identify in fourth place within the Assembly of the succession, supported by his three sons and says that can result in the kids of the iron to the west of the Sea of the Sunset to a magical land the place there isn’t a loss of life and each man and lady to be king and queen?
  • 10. What lord dorniense he was a guardian of Quentyn Martell and has the title of Blood Royal, Warden of the Stony Way? Has a son named Cletus, and two daughters, Andnys, and Gwyneth.
  • 11. What character is the final of an organization mercenary, complaining of the blisters on his legs, will not be very courageous and you want elephants?
  • 12. What Guard of the Night he was wounded within the battle towards The Weeping Bridge of Skulls, which helps her rejection of Jon Snow decides to let go of the savages by the Wall?
  • 13. What is the idol of Robert Arryn, a legend of the Valley, whose historical past through the years has been blended with the of Artys Arryn?
  • 14. What member of the guard Invernalia is appointed the brand new captain by Robb Stark, after his mom left a wound after the assassination try on Bran with the dagger?
  • 15. What Guard of the Night, recognized by having three fingers, is the cook dinner of Castle Black and is one of the candidates to be Lord Commander, receiving 5 votes (of those who need away from the kitchen)?

La Casa Arryn

Answers to the questions of the week

Trivial of hearth and ice XVII – Characters (fifth half)

  1. Sansa Stark
  2. Pyat Prée
  3. Chett
  4. Garth Manoverde
  5. Tobho Mott
  6. Tywin Lannister
  7. Weasel
  8. Kraznys
  9. Mere, the Bastard of the Titan
  10. Osha
  11. Oppo
  12. Rakharo
  13. Masha Heddle
  14. Richard Lonmouth
  15. Tyene Sand
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