Trivial of Fire and Ice Radio Westeros – 12th half

The Land of Always Winter – by © Rene Aigner

We mentioned goodbye for the time of the trivia games of ice and fire, created by the buddies of the incredible podcast in English (which I speak) Radio Westeros, ready to go bringing out new editions. As you realize, these trivia games are a contest of questions on a Song of ice and fireplace, translating the questions of the Quiz of Radio Westeros…many of whom should not precisely simple.

As in any trivial, the trick is to attempt to reply the questions with out trying on google or related sources to reply instantly (if you must have a look at the books we may implement).

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We will present you the audio of the episode in English and I’ll put up beneath the questions in Spanish. We embrace on this article the answers to the questions of last week and likewise of this version, to be the final that we are going to put up up in a number of months.

Trivial of ice and fireplace XIX – The prologue of Game of Thrones

  • 1. What skilled a member of the explorers of the Guard of the Night has actually suffered from the chilly, as with fifty years has misplaced each ears, three toes and the little finger of left hand as a result of of this?
  • 2. When Waymar discovered the braveness to struggle in opposition to one Another, what a reputation, pronounced it as a conflict cry?
  • 3. What object within the camp of the wild remains to be current once you Will return to it once more, inflicting suspicion?
  • 4. In what forest north of the Wall takes place within the prologue?
  • 5. Will was despatched to the Wall after stealing, as a substitute of shedding the hand. Do you gave the choice some riders from what home, who have been those that found?
  • 6. What shade describes the sword that makes use of the Other to defeat to be Waymar?
  • 7. What grasp is talked about within the prologue?
  • 8. Will take heed to the Other communicate. How do you describe the sound of your voice?
  • 9. What of the protagonists within the prologue rides a palafrén black?
  • 10. In his duel in opposition to the Other, the sword of Waymar is damaged by colliding in opposition to the Other, impactándole an element of his sword in an element of your physique. What?
  • 11. What character have been discovered Waymar and his companions on this expedition, on the Wall, though it’s not talked about within the prologue and was offended when not slept underneath your roof?
  • 12. Why is Jeor Mormont did that Waymar Royce was the chief of the mission, regardless of having much less expertise than Gared and it doesn’t seem with sufficient capability for a lead an exploration nicely?
  • 13. What tree climbs Will to view from there and within the which hides the Other?
  • 14. What sentence says Waymar accepting the problem of the Other, incomes the respect of Will?
  • 15. Waymar has a garment of linen very precious, some gloves with which to return to an finish, when he’s transformed in spectrum, throttling to Willas. What materials are the gloves?

At The Night's Watch by ~SoldatNordsken on deviantARTAt The Night’s Watch by ~SoldatNordsken on deviantART

Answers to the questions of the week

Trivial of ice and fireplace XVIII – Characters (sixth half)

  1. Tyrion Lannister
  2. Septa Unella
  3. Qyburn
  4. The Abandoned Child
  5. Penny
  6. Haggon
  7. Aggo
  8. Gyles Rosby
  9. Gylbert Farwynd
  10. Anders Yronwood
  11. Harry Strickland
  12. Bowen Marsh
  13. The Knight Winged
  14. Hallis Mollen
  15. Hobb

Tyrion en el Aguasnegras, por Enrique CorominasTyrion within the Aguasnegras, by Enrique Corominas

Answers to the questions this week

Trivial of ice and fireplace XIX – Prologue of Game of Thrones

  1. Gared
  2. Robert
  3. An axe
  4. The enchanted Forest
  5. House Mallister
  6. Blue
  7. The maestre Aemon
  8. The crunch of the ice of a lake in winter
  9. Waymar Royce
  10. The left eye
  11. Craster
  12. Not wished to offend the daddy of Waymar, Yohn Bronze Royce.
  13. A sentinel greenish grey
  14. “Go ahead if you want, let’s dance”
  15. Skin mole

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