TSR Updatez: Alleged Victim, Cristofher Pocasangre, From Da Baby’s 2019 Beverly Hills Incident Reportedly Claims Nerve Damage-May Need Back Surgery


Earlier this week, Cristofher Pocasangre filed a lawsuit against #DaBaby for the 2019 Beverly Hills Hotel incident. @tmz_tv now reports that the alleged victim is claiming possible nerve damage that may result to back surgery, as a result of the altercation.

According to @TMZ_tv, Pocasangre’s lawyer, Anthony Werbin, claims Pocasangre is in “unbearable pain on a daily basis.”

“Anthony Werbin of Downtown L.A. Law Group is repping Cristofher Pocasangre, and tells TMZ his client’s now suffering through structural damage to his back and spine … on top of previously diagnosed nerve damage from the incident with the rapper.” Werbin also states that Pocasangre is getting injections in his back to ease the pain.

As we previously reported, Cristofher says that he was working at the Marriott Hotel near Beverly Hills when he learned that Da Baby was there and asked him to take a photo. Da Baby declined, and Cristofher admitted to taking the photo in the background regardless.

During his recollection of the incident, Da Baby said the same thing, in a Instagram post.

“I calmly and respectfully said no and explained to him that him posting a video of me at the time would compromise the safety of me and my child by letting social media know where we were staying. I told him to delete the video immediately and take his bitch a** back in the hotel and do his job since he wasn’t capable of being professional enough to abide by company policy while doing his job outside of the hotel,” said Da Baby.

Cristofher recalls deleting the photo, however, earlier this year, Da Baby claimed that Cristofher, “walked to the other side of the parking lot maybe 50 feet away and zoomed in while recording a video of me and my daughter on Snapchat.”

Cristofher is claiming that Da Baby followed him and assaulted him. In his Instagram post, Da Baby then said he “made him sit down and understand the fact that NO video is worth the safety of my child being compromised.”

We’ll keep you updated, Roomies.

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