TSR Updatez: Shaun Lucas—Officer Reportedly Responsible For The Death Of Jonathan Price Arrested—Held On $1M Bond


On Monday, Shaun Lucas was arrested and charged with murder in  connection to the death of Jonathan Price, an unarmed Black man. He was booked into the Hunt County, Texas and held on $1M bond.

Shaun Lucas responded to a “possible fight in progress” in Wolfe City, Texas, a city o about 70 miles away from Dallas, Texas officials said in a statement late Monday night.

“The preliminary investigation indicates that the actions of Officer Lucas were not objectionably reasonable,” the Texas Rangers said. “The Texas Rangers have charged Officer Lucas with the offense of murder and booked him into the Hunt County Jail.”

According to CBS News, Lee Merritt, who is representing Price’s family said, “When police arrived, I’m told, he raised his hands and attempted to explain what was going on Police fired tasers at him and when his body convulsed from the electrical current, they ‘perceived a threat’ and shot him to death,” as previously reported.

The family attorney, Lee Merritt tweeted, “…It should [have] happened the day he murdered JP. John should still be here.” He added, “This is step one. Let’s see it through to justice.”

We’ll keep you updated, Roomies.

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