Unusual Physical Traits That People Find Sexually Attractive


Published on December twenty ninth, 2020

In this Reddit thread, persons are sharing uncommon bodily attributes that discover engaging. One such attribute is when a man sits together with his legs aside together with his elbows on his knees.

1. I Gotta Hand It To Ya.

Hands – undecided why, however I all the time take a look at a guys palms

– 1OddSongAday

2. (This Is Called Heterochromia If You’re curious!)

Having two totally different eye colours (like one eye is one coloration and the opposite eye is a totally totally different coloration). I don’t know why however I’ve all the time discovered that engaging

– Phantom_Cavalier

3. Posture Is Important, I Guess?

when a man sits together with his legs aside together with his elbows on his knees and palms sorta pointing outwards fingers interlaced with one another (not on the face) and leans in.

– ffatimasaleem77

4. Short And Sweet.

Physical Attributes

Women with quick hair, however not the Karen sort.

– Lakna_Rokee

5. Tell Me A Tail.Ponytails.

Don’t know why however they only do it for me. And it’s not a slight attraction both it might take a 5/10 lady to a stable 8 all as a result of of the hair.Drives me loopy.

– A_Wild_VelociFaptor

6. Tickle Those Ivories.

When a man has lengthy fingers ..

– borntodie_629

7. A Wandering Eye.

I really like when ladies have a gentle lazy eye.It makes my coronary heart heat.

– granddaddygoth

8. Let It Get Dark.

Eyes black as evening.

– sixscreamingbirds

9. Get A Little Help.

I completely love braces and or glasses, it makes girls look so good

– WolfgangDixon

10. Be Proud Of That Schnoz.

Guys with large noses

– daydreamer_92

11. Bit Of A Night Owl?

Dark circles below the eyes

– blurpadinka

12. Listen Up. Big Ears.

Sexually Attractive

When a lady’s ears poke by way of her hair, it makes my coronary heart dance.

– DocSaysItsDainBramuj

13. Spot The Difference.

Freckles, little freckles on the nostril and cheeks, I don’t care concerning the individual’s pores and skin coloration or ethnicity, I discover them lovely and particular on anybody or a small scar (one thing that jogs my memory of them as quickly as I give it some thought)

– Redshosit

14. Stick Your Neck Out.

This is gonna make me sound like a serial killer however a nicely outlined neck and collar bones.

– muddybuttbrew

15. It’s Scrunch Time.

Being in a position to scrunch up her nostril. When she finds one thing humorous or attention-grabbing and the nostril goes wrinkly, hnnnngg.

– homoeroticpoolnoodle

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