Utomik: PC Streaming Service Wants to be the Netflix for Games

PC game streaming service Utomik has ended its beta period and has now officially launched. 

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“Founded in 2014 by a small team of dedicated Dutch gamers, Utomik is a pioneering startup based in The Netherlands and California with offices in Eindhoven and Los Angeles,” reads the official statement from Utomik regarding the service’s launch. “It is one of the first subscription-based gaming platforms to hit the market. We are proud to be an integral part in bringing the Netflix and Spotify model to the world of video games.”

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At present, Utomik boasts a library of over 750 games. Supported developers include studios like Warner Bros. Games, Disney, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Epic Games, Curve Digital, IO Interactive. The roster of available titles is actually quite impressive as subscribers will be able to access games like the Batman Arkham series, Saints Row IV, Metro: Last Light, Borderlands, Knights of the Old Republic, and titles in the Lego games series. Utomik has also announced that they’ve struck a deal with IO interactive that will bring the Hitman series to the service in the near future. 

Utomik costs $7.99 a month for a single user while multi-person homes can pay $9.99 a month to access a four-person Family Plan. The service is also currently offering a 14-day free trial. 

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The way the service works in terms of actually playing the available games is quite interesting. Considering that video games are slightly more difficult to stream than movies or TV shows, Utomik doesn’t exactly let you just instantly hop between games included on the service. However, there’s really not much of a delay at all from the time that you click on a game from the time that you start playing it. That’s because the service downloads a small part of the game to your computer when you click on it and then downloads the rest of the title as you are playing. 

Utomik is certainly one of the most interesting PC game streaming services out there. It certainly seems to justify signing up for a 14-day free trial in order to see if it’s for you. 

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