Videos of the global Congress of scholarship on Game of Thrones in Seville: sixth component – Right, economic climate and also management in West

We move on with even more sessions, the video clips on the first congress international academic on a Song of ice and fire and Game of Thrones arranged by the University of Seville and also the University Pablo de Olavide in the previous month of may.

We offer you a brand-new distribution that remains in enhancement to the videos of talks by Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson, on the impact, the cultural impact and economic of the series, the influences of the history of the real world in the saga, translation and tragic destinies, and also gender issues. In this instance we bring you a couple of talks on business economics, regulation, armed forces background and also management in the West, along with an evaluation on the sublimity of the legend.

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The initially of the panels is qualified “Leaders, armed forces background and also regulation” and also was chaired by one of the coordinators of the Congress, Professor Alfonso Álvarez-Ossorio. The 6 documents, 3 in Spanish and also 3 in English, and also no long run, are the following:

  • Carlo Lualdi (University of Warwick): “The battle of The Bastards: a tactical synthesis from Alexander the Great to Scipio Africanus”.
  • Matt Hardy (Deakin University); “Fun with the Huns (Military background)”.
  • Víctor Sánchez Domínguez (Escuela universitaria de Osuna): “the West vs the West: a bridge playful for the teaching of history”.
  • Camilla Tosi (Università degli Studi di Ferrara): “In universum ius: the case of Ramsay Bolton”.
  • Daniel Valdivia Alonso and also Rafael Morales-Sánchez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): “Leaders and leadership in the Houses of the Seven Kingdoms”.
  • Antonio Míguez Santa Cruz (University of Cordoba) “Of Boromir to Eddard Stark: Sean Bean as a hinge of two universes”.

The following was a masterclass session by the fantastic scholar of london Peter Antonioni from University College London concerning the economic climate in the West and also its usage for instructional objectives, qualified “Using ‘Game of Thrones’ (and The Wire) in Teaching Economics”.

The last talk that we bring you today is an additional master course, the job of teacher Ayelet H. Lushkov , University of Texas at Austin, entitled “’Game of Thrones’ and the Sublime”.

Next week we will certainly offer right here in The Seven Kingdoms extra meetings in the congress, that took a look at the viewpoint, background, sex concerns, or sociology, amongst numerous various other subjects, in connection with the Game of Thrones and also a Song of ice and also fire

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