Vikings: Valhalla – What The Timeline Reveals


What, then, can this roster of characters inform us in regards to the timeframe, and thus the attainable narrative and thematic thrust of the present? 

Let’s have a look.   

The Danes take the Reins

It’s typically assumed that the Vikings have been a homogenous power. They weren’t (to not point out that there’s appreciable educational pushback on what exactly constitutes a Viking). Although they have been culturally related, there was vast variation between the peoples of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, every of whom had their very own breeds of roamers, adventurers, and conquerors. The Danish Vikings have been by far essentially the most profitable. Indeed, up till the final portion of the tenth century a lot of modern-day Northern and Eastern Britain had been often known as the Danelaw, a territory inside which Anglo-Saxon legal guidelines, customs and generally even language have been subordinate to these of Denmark and the Danes. 

At the start of the eleventh Century, after an uneasy interval of flux, combating, then peace – throughout which Anglo Saxon autonomy was seemingly restored – Danish Vikings once more resumed their assaults on the British shoreline. King Ethelred the Unready at first responded to those repeated incursions by appeasing the invaders with coin, a technique that solely additional incentivised their efforts. Ethelred’s follow-up technique arguably was even much less profitable: he ordered the bloodbath of all Danes dwelling in England; a feat that was inconceivable to realize, although not for the shortage of attempting. 

Unsurprisingly, this act precipitated nice geo-political turbulence, to not point out counter-strikes and violence, all of which led to King Ethelred fleeing England for Normandy, and the Danes re-invading, and seizing the reins of energy. Eventually, Canute, a Danish prince, succeeded his departed father, Sweyn Forkbeard, and have become King of England. 

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