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WandaVision Episode 4 Theories Explained

WandaVision Episode 4 Theories Explained

Agnes Among Us

Eagle-eyed viewers could have in all probability clocked the dearth of ID connected to Agnes’ image on the SWORD board full of already-identified residents being manipulated in Wanda’s fantasy bubble, which nonetheless makes Katherine Hahn’s nosy neighbor an actual query mark. If Wanda didn’t create Westview’s warped actuality, or had assist doing so, the prevailing idea is that Agnes was virtually definitely concerned someplace alongside the road.

It’s nonetheless thought that Hahn is secretly taking part in iconic sorceress Agatha Harkness – Wanda’s mentor within the comics. Harkness’ origins return to historical occasions, however she was as soon as a outstanding member of a colony of Salem witches, and ultimately turned shut with Wanda. It was Agatha who confirmed Wanda easy methods to make higher use of her powers, ultimately exposing how harmful they actually had been for our world, and actuality itself.

Agnes might have helped Wanda along with her Westview goals, however chances are high excessive that Wanda will in all probability activate her if she occurs to get chilly ft. Things typically tended to finish badly between the pair within the comics, and that’s placing it mildly.

A screenshot from a WandaVision trailer. Some see Scarlet Witch dragging one thing; some see Agatha Harkness and a cat rising from Westview.

Pinches of Paprika Out of Ten: 2

King Ralph

Wanda and Vision’s neighbor Anges mentions her nugatory husband Ralph a number of occasions within the first three episodes. During the magic present, she even jokes that Vision ought to make Ralph disappear contained in the Cabinet of Mysteries – however we’ve by no means truly seen Ralph. Are these disparaging references to her husband basic throwaway sitcom gags concerning the tiresome legendary partner you by no means see (we’re personally reminded of Norm’s spouse from Cheers however there are loads extra examples on the market) or one thing extra sinister?

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