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WandaVision: The Sitcom Influences of Episode 5

WandaVision: The Sitcom Influences of Episode 5

Family Ties was maybe the archetypal ‘80s sitcom, as it deftly captured both the aesthetics and class politics of the era. It followed the Keaton family, made up of ex-hippie parents Steven (Michael Gross) and Elyse (Meredith Baxter), raising their children in Reagan’s America. The present was significantly well-known for the character of Alex P. Keaton (performed by Michael J. Fox), the eldest youngster and an aspiring Wall Street bro. Family Ties was as a lot a time capsule because it was a TV present.

WandaVision clearly doesn’t borrow a lot, if any, of Family Ties’s themes nevertheless it does liberally (no pun meant) take from the present’s fashion and look. Wanda and Vision’s ‘80s outfits are closely similar to Steven and Elyse’s typical threads. Their new dwelling additionally carefully resembles that of the Keaton’s. Back when WandaVision’s very first trailer premiered, many astute viewers had been capable of determine the Family Ties homage faster than the rest.

The Family Ties comparisons lengthen to even the episode’s opening intro. Both the lyrics and the handcrafted fashion recommend that of season 2 of the NBC present. 

In truth, this could be the closest WandaVision has copied any present’s credit but. And that could be as a result of the present’s composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are significantly acquainted with the ‘80s period of sitcoms. As Robert instructed EW:

“I think we can say — maybe because we’re ’80s kids — that the ’80s was our favorite decade to take on. The craft of theme songwriting peaked in the ’80s because, after the ’80s, you see fewer and fewer songs at the beginning of sitcoms and TV shows. It was their heyday. It was the brilliant starburst before the death of the sun. They’re longer. They’re touchy-feely ballads. And it was fun to really put some emotion into the one we did.”

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