Warner Bros. hides Tenet box office results


Warner Bros., the studio responsible for distributing Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s latest film, has adopted a conservative strategy in revealing the film’s box office data, which has already passed the $ 200 million global mark.

This fact was highlighted by other studios, who obviously are particularly interested in the film’s performance in this pandemic time. Last weekend, Tenet made $ 20.2 million, but Warner decided to hide the details of the performance on Comscore, which is where distributors and cinemas cross-reference their data to decide future strategies.

The “blackout” imposed by Warner is similar to what Sony did with the debut of The Broken Hearts Gallery, and according to Deadline, it is due to the studio “knowing that the box office would not be robust due to the pandemic” and wanting to “control your own narrative in the press, about the performance of the Christopher Nolan film.”

Basically the studio doesn’t want the press to write about the bad box office results, using them as an omen about the death of the distribution in favor of streaming. The disadvantage of the decision is the deprivation of information about the performance of films per hour, which helps executives and producers determine the health of the business, helps the industry as a whole.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to read our review of the film, which we consider an excellent addition to the Christopher Nolan catalog.

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