Warrior Season 2 Episode 7 Review: If you Wait by the River Long Enough…


Nevertheless, the ritual leaves Father Jun feeling unhappy, so he orders the Hop Wei to kill the threesome. But Ah Sahm says his piece in protection of Young Jun’s actions and sways the tong to their facet. They all stand down as Young Jun tells his father that “We are honoring your long years of leadership and celebrating your retirement,” after which takes the chair as the pinnacle of the Hop Wei. It’s a major function change, one thing we’ve been ready for since Warrior started.

Later the Juns have a coronary heart to coronary heart. Father Jun tells his son to kill him as a result of that’s the way in which energy is transferred within the tong, and even gives to do it himself, implying once more the Young Jun is just too wimpy. But he refuses patricide, claiming he needs to maintain his father’s knowledge. Instead, he places him beneath fixed guard, which is nice as a result of Father Jun is just too fascinating of a personality to kill off simply but. 

Prostitutes, Cops, Politicians and the Weapon Dealer

Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng) and Nellie (Miranda Raison) get it on in Ah Toy’s bordello, and the irony of their tryst location isn’t misplaced on both of them. In a second of post-coital bliss, Ah Toy opens as much as Nellie, revealing her tragic backstory. Her husband was a silk vendor who was murdered on the boat once they had been travelling to America, forcing Ah Toy to turn into the captain’s concubine to save lots of herself from being handed round by the entire ship’s crew. She confides in Nellie that she has 200 hectares of land outdoors of Chinatown however as a result of she’s Chinese, she’s needed to cover her possession utilizing her token white actual property associate, Patterson (Frank Rautenbach). Nellie means that she take over as Ah Toy’s Caucasian associate and shares her frustration with one notably nasty group of intercourse traffickers who run a sadistic rival brothel. Ah Toy asks Nellie to indicate her the place they’re on a map. 

In courtroom, O’Hara (Kieran Bew) testifies towards Zing (Dustin Nguyen). Zing is sentenced to be hanged at San Quentin. San Quentin is California’s oldest jail, established in 1852. It lies north of San Francisco, solely 20 miles away by the Golden Gate bridge, however a lot farther within the time that Warrior is about as a result of the bridge didn’t open till 1937. Nevertheless, it’s a well timed and acceptable reference. Although Warrior is fictional, it reverently references a tumultuous time in American historical past with ample liberties taken.

After the trial, Leary (Dean Jagger) corners O’Hara and calls him out on rumors he’s heard about him working for Zing, however O’Hara covers rapidly by saying that it was a ruse so he might get nearer to his goal. Later, Mayor Blake (Christian McKay) honors O’Hara and the Chinatown police squad for catching the swordsman. After that, it’s Buckley’s (Langley Kirkwood) flip to nook Leary after the speeches. Knowing Leary has the Irish vote, he tries to sway him into politics. 

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