What are the 9 Wonders developed by male in the World of ice and also fire?

Braavos, in The World of ice and also fire

In the encyclopedia The World of Ice and also Fire, we uncovered something that we prepared for Dance of Dragons: the presence of 9 monoliths called the Wonders developed by the male in the world occurs where a Song of ice and also fire. However, although we understand 8 of them we do not recognize what will certainly be the nine. In this essay, the job of Adam Whitehead initially released in Atlas of Ice and Fire , we discover the 8 marvels of the recognized and also we suppose regarding the nine.

In the globe of a Song of ice and also fire, 2 of one of the most popular publications were created by the traveler, long back deceased, called Lomas Pasolargo. In a feasible tribute to Jain the Galopador of The Wheel of Time (Jain Farstrider, and also Lomas Longstrider in the initial variations), Lomas visited the globe exploring unusual societies and also composing documents of their trips that ended up being popular in the Seven Kingdoms.

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His 2 magnum opus are Wonders, which information 9 natural marvels of the West and also Are, and also Wonders developed by male, which in-depth 9 amazing frameworks constructed by human beings. Thanks to Dance of Dragons and also The globe of ice and also fire, we understand 8 of the 9 marvels developed by human, however the identification of the last is unidentified to us.

To determine the last framework, we require to recognize when he lived Hills. There are very few ideas below, other than that both Tyrion as Barristan Selmy, when they were young, they had actually checked out both publications. This places the life and also fatality of Hills at the very least a pair of years prior to the occasions of Game of Thrones.

It additionally reveals the Palace of a Thousand Stays at Sarnath (resources of Sarnor) as one of the Nine Wonders. Considering that Sarnath was damaged by the dothraki quickly after the Curse of Valyria, in between 300 and also 400 years prior to the occasions of Game of Thrones, this places the life of Lomas, as quickly, that time. If so, that dismisses any type of brand-new structure and also later on be a prospect. So, Harrenhal, the Red Fort or the Large Septum of Baelor or any type of various other brand-new framework will possibly not be the nine.


Lomas consists of the Titan of Braavos on their listing, that was constructed as an optimum 800 years back, however possibly a couple of centuries later on. This offers us a home window possibly of the moment of presence of Hills of in between 400 and also 800 years, which implies that, unlike Jain the Rampant, is not most likely to show up in future stories of a Song of ice and also fire.

Let us take a look at the existing listing, arranging by the age of the framework.

The 8 marvels understood

1 – The Wall: constructed by human (and also potentially titans and also kids of the woodland) made 8000 years back, the Wall procedures 300 miles (482 kilómtros) long and also 700 feet (213 meters) high. It is the fabricated framework globe’s biggest and also something was clear that would certainly remain in the listing.

2 – The Great Pyramid of Ghis: constructed by the realm Ghiscari in your resources, some 5,000 years back, the Great Pyramid of Ghis determined 800 feet (243 metres) high and also was separated right into 33 degrees. The Great Pyramid of Meereen is a duplicate of it. The Great Pyramid of Ghis was damaged by the valyrios when they beat Ghis for the 5th and also last time. Lomas checked out the damages of the Great Pyramid, and also had the ability to state as a marvel (potentially by contrasting it with its duplicate, the still-extant wonderful pyramid of Meereen).

Meereen by lVlorf3us on deviantARTMeereen by lVlorf3us on deviantART

3 – The roadway valyrias: a network difficult, roadways right as an arrowhead, were constructed by the valyrios quickly after the Feud, Franco started to climb with the power. The network consistitía in a number of means incredibly lengthy built of liquified rock, without fractures or drops in them, that copulate from Pentos in the northwest Bhorash and also Sarnath in the eastern. The large size of this network (which takes a trip thousands of kilometers), and also its outstanding resistance, with some of them having actually lasted for 5000 years, satisfied Lomas sufficient to include them in guide.

4 – The Palace of a Thousand Stays: situated in Sarnath, the resources of Sarnor. This royal residence was so massive, elegant and also luxuriant Lomas really felt that I needed to include it in his publication. Sarnos had a huge power in the Are for around 2000 years prior to its devastation, with a power such that also the valyrios chose to keep a relaxed co-existence (with the close placement of Essaria). The Palace of a Thousand Stays is possibly dated to the center duration of the supremacy of Sarnor.

5 – The Walls Triple of Qarth: The qaathi were competitors of Sarnor, defending control of the lands in eco-friendly Are later on called Sea Dothraki. The qaathi shed those battles, progressively being displaced to the eastern and also south of the Skahazadhan. Established some communities and also towns there, however the land was left barren and also dead, leaving cities in damages. The Red Desert, as he became called, eaten the cities of the qaathi till just the ports were.

Qarth, at the Gates of Jade, it is today still as one of the biggest cities worldwide. Although the Red Desert is an awesome obstacle to any type of that wish to strike the city from land, its biggest protection is its wall surface triple. These wall surfaces 30, 40 and also 50 feet in elevation (9, 12 and also 15 meters) and also are enhanced with photos made huge creative top quality.Qarth6 – The Great Bridge of Volantis: Volantis was started by the valyrios 2000 years back in one of the 4 wonderful mouths of the Rhoyne, the biggest river in the western component of Are. The city, initially situated to the eastern of the mouth of the river, actually existed for a long period of time without a bridge till the triarca Vhalaso decided to construct it to decrease the maritime website traffic and also enable a much more fast development in the brand-new western areas. This positions the age of the bridge in possibly much less than 2000 years.

The bridge was consisted of in guide of Hills because of the accomplishment design to construct a framework so big. Although a specified size is not offered in guides, it is 5 times bigger than the wedding event of the Aguasnegras in Landing of the King, and also the Aguasnegras is possibly near to a mile (1.6 kilometers) long, as several galleys dealt with each various other in her mouth concurrently right into a Clash of Kings.

7 – The Three Bells of Norvos: the day of structure of Norvos is unidentified, other than that it possibly has greater than 2000 years (Lorath, the youngest of the Free Cities, was started 1736 years). The city is separated right into 2 unique areas, one of the most high in capitals over the river Noyne, and also the most affordable in its port along the river.

Lomas was excited by the 3 bells of the city, Noom, Narrah and also Nyel. These bells sound at various times and also with various mixes, notifying the norvosi of the start and also end of the functioning day, the dishes and also the focus to the spiritual cults. The dimension of the bells and also the effectiveness of its echos can be listened to throughout the city, both low and high) were excited by Lomas sufficient to include them in guide.

El Titán en la serie Juego de TronosThe Titan in the collection Game of Thrones

8 – The Titan of Braavos: the youngest of the Nine Wonders. Braavos was started 800 years back as a fortress key by spiritual evacuees taking off oppression at the hands of the valyrios. Some suppose that the Titan was constructed to act as a protective stronghold versus the dragons.

The elevation of the Titan has actually not been offered formally, however a fundamental price quote as the pictures recommend regarding 400 feet (121 meters) – the Statue of Liberty procedures 305 feet, 93 meters, comparative, however that is consisting of the stand and also the lantern – considered that the statuary needs to be high sufficient for galleons to pass pleasantly in between her legs. Arya is additionally understand that conveniently would be over the wall surfaces of 100 feet (30 meters) from Invernalia.

The Ninth Wonder

So, what is the nine framework? I assume we can dismiss Harrenhal, the Red Fort or any type of various other constructed after the Curse of Valyria. Loras additionally checked out never ever Asshai or the Land of the Shadow, to ensure that such dark or troubling “wonders” of Asshai or Stygai additionally would certainly be consisted of. The prospects most likely are the following:

  • The Towers of Valyria: in the heart of the Feudo Franco of Valyria, a lot prior to the Curse, there were massive cities where towers, exceptionally high existed, divided by rivers of lava. The lords of the Fief Franco flying on dragons from one tower to an additional, never ever reducing to touch the ground. It is most likely that Lomas what matters as a marvel if you had actually ever before seen. However, that an alien would certainly have had approval to see it is unidentified.
  • The Lighthouse of Old: constructed thousands of years back and also being greater than the Wall with 800 feet (240 metres) high, the Lighthouse is the highest fabricated framework in the West and also possibly worldwide. Easily noticeable from the city of Antigua, is an excellent prospect to be on the listing, particularly due to the fact that it is plainly influenced by the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the actual World.
  • Invernalia: the earliest castle of the Seven Kingdoms extending throughout a substantial room and also is protected by 2 enormous wall surfaces, the inside of 100 feet (30 meters) high, and also the outdoors of 80 (24 meters). Prior to the building and construction of Harrenhal, it might have been the biggest castle on the continent, with various damages that talk of their significant age. If the wall surfaces smaller sized of Qarth counted as a marvel, maybe after that additionally Invernalia what it is. However, the document of the Lomas might have been impacted by the better dimension of Qarth (so the wall surfaces, although rather much less high were much longer in the collection) and also the jobs of art that embellish the surface area.

Winterfell by carlospoletto on deviantARTWinterfell by carlospoletto on deviantART

  • The Five Strong: there are 5 enormous strongholds situated in between the Sea Bleeding and also the Mountains of the Dawn, in the northeast end of the frontier of Yi Ti. These fts are composed of wall surfaces of pieces black actors, each of almost 1000 feet (300 meters) high. These solid and also your defenses are connected (that might be influenced by the Great Wall of China, although for a while the variation of Martin is smaller sized and also much less established) supporter to Yi Ti from the barren lands past, and also might create an eastern equal to the Wall – the Five Strong and also your defenses are topped 300 miles, 482 miles, so they are comparable. We recognize that Lomas checked out Yi Ti, Leng and also the cities of the Mountains from the Bones, however we do not recognize if it came so to the eastern, or if the info regarding the dimension of the Five Strong are precise or overstated.
  • The cities of Yi Ti: we understand that Lomas checked out both Yi Ti as Leng and also was stunned by what large were their cities and also the splendor of its society. Yi Ti is possibly one of the most heavily populated country worldwide understood and also safeguard in a legitimate manner in which it is one of the most old. It is most likely that there are several interesting frameworks, marvels and also structures in Yi Ti, and also the last Wonder Created by the Man to be there.
  • *Added by the translator – The Misery/The damages of Chroyane: Choryane, the City’s Festive, it was when the wealthiest and also most magnificent of the cities along the river Rhoyne. It consisted of the enormous Palace of Love. It is claimed that in the past its roads were covered with water and also their homes were made of gold. Lomas Pasolargo was discovered with the offspring of the Rhoynar in the damages of Chroyane, that informed him their tales regarding the Long Night. The damages are defined in guide of the Nine Wonders, to ensure that could be the last wonder.

It promises that Martin will certainly expose the place of the nine doubt some factor, however till after that we can hypothesize with what megaestructura of the West or Are fits.

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