What do a giant bear, George Clooney and Charlie Sheen do at a music festival?


Almost 40 years later, behold, Grizzly 2 gets a debut date. The film features Georgle Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern in the lead roles, keeping company with the real star of the film, a giant brown bear with a murderous instinct.

While the first film was released in 1976, taking advantage of Jaws’ success, the sequel should have premiered in 1983. After countless adventures, since the change of directors, the management of 40 thousand extras and recordings on Hungarian soil, under the secret police, the production team ran out of money and had no means of filming bear attacks.

With no means to finance the film, the Hungarian government took possession of the mechanical bears needed for the missing scenes and Grizzly 2 stayed on the shelf. The website theringer tells the story of all the adventures of a film that narrowly missed the light of day.

The film tells the story of a giant brown bear who sees his cubs killed by hunters and who now wants to take revenge on humans, terrorizing Clooney, Sheen and Dern, young people only interested in having fun at a music festival.

Decades later, in the unique year of 2020, Suzanne Nagy, the original producer, picked up the film again to finally complete and show it. With a new title, Grizzly II: The Revenge will air this fall, almost 40 years after going into hibernation.

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