What Happened to the Barkeith in The Expanse Season 5 Finale?


Who Are the Rogue Martian Fleet?

While we do get to satisfy Admiral Sauveterre and Lieutenant Babbage early in Season 5, as it’s usually commented upon all through the season, this isn’t just some rogue Martian officers; it’s a giant group of folks. In the Season 5 finale, we be taught a bit extra about what the faction believes in, by Sauveterre and Babbage’s dialog earlier than they enter the Laconia gate. Disillusioned with the present state of Martian politics and tradition, which they consider to have grow to be diluted and weak, this rogue faction of Martians desires to create a extra “pure” Martian society, on Laconia.

As The Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar described the group to my colleague Michael Ahr: “We describe them sort of as a splinter group, the more-Martian-than-Martian notion, that they’re the ones dedicated truly to the idea of Mars. Their view of Martian society in present day is that it’s fallen, is that it’s become corrupt. Mars was founded with the sense of getting past Earth and the sins of the past and starting anew. It’s this group going, ‘We’re going to start anew.’” 

The Battle for the Sol Gate

In the ultimate act of “Nemesis Games,” we see the three battleships of the Earth-Mars Coalition Army guarding the Ring gate attacked by the Free Navy command fleet and the rogue Martian faction. They are simply destroyed, and the Free Navy takes over management of the Ring gate. Chrisjen & Co. deduce that Marco traded his pattern of the Protomolecule, stolen from Fred Johnson, in alternate for the rogue Martian faction’s backup within the battle. Now that Marco has secured management of the Ring gate, the alliance is seemingly over. Admiral Sauveterre informs Marco that there’ll landmines on the opposite facet of the Laconia gate to maintain the Free Navy from getting into.

What Happens to the Barkeith in The Expanse Season 5 Finale?

After The Battle for the Sol Gate, we comply with Admiral Sauveterre and Lieutenant Babbage as they transit into the Ring Space after which transfer to move by the Laconia gate, with the plan to affix their comrades on the floor of Laconia. Unfortunately for them, one thing sudden occurs when the Barkeith passes by the Laconia gate. The ship—and the whole lot in it, together with Sauveterre and Babbage—look like disintegrated by an unknown drive, vanishing altogether. They appear to be very useless.

The scene is reminiscent of the wonder-horror that happens in The Expanse Season 2 finale, when the scientific staff aboard the Arborghast descends to above the Eros crash website on Venus to higher observe the Protomolecule constructions beneath. Upon their descent, the Protomolecule dissembling the Arborghast into components, its crew together with it. In our last shot, we see the members people crew suspended in area as half of the Protomolecule’s newest show of alien energy.

Laconia: What is the Rogue Martians’ Plan?

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