What if the next generation Samsung battery fully charge in 12 minutes?


Battery technology for smartphones has not really seen any growth in recent years.

Manufacturers are still using lithium ion batteries that have several limitations. However, according to the latest information coming from South Korea, Samsung may soon shake this department.
The information states that Samsung has developed a new technology that uses graphene instead of graphite . This apparently increases the capacity of a battery without increasing its size, and also allows it to be charged much faster than those built in standard lithium ion.

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Up to 45% additional capacity can be drawn from a battery when using graphene when compared to a battery that uses graphite. Samsung also believes that these batteries can be fully charged in just 12 minutes.

And the news does not stop here.

One of the main problems with today’s smartphone batteries is that they can become very unstable when subjected to high temperatures. This leads to battery accumulation, reduced retention time and sometimes even the risk of combustion.

With batteries powered by graphene, the stability remains intact at temperatures up to 60 degrees. So if these batteries go into production, which may not happen sooner than expected, then they can also be used in far more situations than just simple smartphones. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has already applied for patents for this technology in the US and Korea.

We expect this technology to be available on the Samsung Galaxy S10, or S11, as the technology still requires many enhancements. A safer battery with larger capacity and smaller size, and that can be fully charged in minutes, is all we need for our smartphones.

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