What is WWE Doing With Keith Lee?


He needs some sandpaper on his character. He needs to feel more gritty and, pardon the pun, but a little more RAW

Keith Lee with a little more attitude could be a top babyface. 

But, the kick could have also signaled the start of a heel turn for Lee. Strowman has lost some of his shine as a top guy in the WWE, but in Vince McMahon’s eyes, he’s a big babyface just below the level of Drew McIntyre. Lee, obviously on purpose, kicking Strowman after the match could be WWE’s attempt to turn him heel.

But, if that were the case, I would have expected the announce team to be more straightforward in condemning Lee for the attack, noting that Strowman’s low blow was accidental and Lee’s antics after the match were unwarranted. They didn’t do that. 

With WWE, not much is left up to the imagination. More likely than not, this was an attempt to give Lee more edge as a babyface. We know what Vince McMahon thinks of his audience, and leaving ambiguity there for the fans to decide whether or not Lee was warranted is not something he’s very keen on doing. If McMahon wanted Lee to come out of that angle as a heel, the announce team would have been solidly condemning the attack. 

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