What To Do When Your Tires Are Tired?

Maintaining a car is, of course, a task! Taking care of its exterior, interior, its mechanical functions along with its add-on features – yes it becomes an additional responsibility as soon as you acquire a car.Now tires are one of the most important parts of your car, in fact, no other part of the vehicle is as important as its wheel because it ensures a smooth drive. The components that are used to create the tires – the rubber and metal, they have an impact on how your car’s suspension gets worn to your fuel economy. And any kind of tire failure, be it a simple flat, it becomes a huge hassle. Thus to avoid these type of circumstances, one should know how to and when to maintain their car’s tires.


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So are your tires looking too tired?

Then this is what you should do for their maintenance:


  • Balancing of the wheels:
    The balancing of your vehicle’s wheels is probably one of the overlooked services you might have done to your car.  A wheel that is properly balanced ensures extended life and reduces uneven wear. And the process of balancing your tires involves attaching small weights to the wheels so as to limit its vibrations.Now some of the reason’s for your tire’s imbalance are:

(a) Imperfections due to manufacturing: the tires are not always perfect, but it will only come to notice if you are driving too fast or putting excessive torque, which will cause its balancing issues.

(b) Slipping off your tires on to its rim: this happens due to applying of sudden breaks as well as using improper lubrication during the tire mounting process and results in causing vibrations while driving down the road.


  • Proper inflation of your tires:
    It is ideal to check the pressure of your tire at least once per month and it is mandatory to inflate them before you step out for your long road trip. And also make sure that you keep it at the recommended level of your vehicle.
  • Replacement of your tires:
    This is one of the services which most people forget to do. So if you want to follow a good thumbs rule, you should get your tires inspected starting at 50,000 miles of wear or at least within 5 years of usage. The reason being – tires usually undergo a lot of chemical changes when they are exposed to heat, and other elements and this causes uneven wear along with warping and bubbling.
  • Regular rotation:
    This is important because of the fact that your car’s front and back tires operate at different loads which causes unequal wear patterns. Thus it is recommended to rotate your car’s tire every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, as this ensures increasing the tire’s lifespan along with its performance. 

Now that you know the tips for maintaining your car’s tire, make sure you do them periodically. And if you plan on selling your old car because its maintenance is taking too much of your time, then one of the best ways to do so is getting online on Cashyourcaruae and get the perfect deal. They also help in the renewal of car’s registration on renewmycarregistration, thus providing a complete package of benefits.

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