What to eat to prevent cavities


If you think that food only drives the appearance of cavities, you are wrong. There are also good options for stopping this malady.

The good health of the teeth does not depend only on a daily and effective cleaning, nor so much on the reduced consumption of drinks and foods that they can dye. Excluding as much citrus and sugar-filled foods as possible is also something to take into account, but there is more.

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According to WebMD, there are foods that can act as a protective shield against cavities and “the best choices for mouth health include cheeses, chicken and other meats, nuts and milk.”

At stake, says the publication, is the ability to protect the enamel that these foods offer to the hitch of calcium and phosphorus that they have in their composition. Foods rich in these nutrients can remineralize the teeth, replenishing the minerals that are lost to the hitchhiking of acids.

A healthy and varied diet is half way to being healthier at all levels, but an apple a day and does not know the good that made it … especially in the teeth.

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