Wild Guns Reloaded Launches for Nintendo Switch

Wild Guns, the cult classic SNES shoot-em-up, has just made its Nintendo Switch debut in the form of Wild Guns Reloaded.

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If you never played the original Wild Guns – it did fly a bit under the radar – then you missed out on one of the Super Nintendo’s greatest pure action experiences. Wild Guns was a sci-fi/western shooter with heavy steampunk influences that tasked players with shooting down a variety of outlaws, aliens, and robots. It was a member of the tragically lost shooting gallery genre – think Duck Hunt and Sin and Punishment – and even allowed players to use light gun accessories to mow down foes. 

Sadly, the Switch version of the game doesn’t support light gun accessories, but it does contain quite a few features not seen in the original version. For those that are new to the game, there’s an option to play with unlimited lives (which, to be honest, even I’m thankful for). Those who aren’t afraid of a challenge will surely want to take on the game’s new Boss Rush: Time Attack mode. Everyone else will just enjoy the game’s slightly enhanced visuals and improved framerate. 

Wild Guns Remastered is a game that we can’t recommend enough. It’s an especially brilliant four-player game that remains just as intense and inventive as it was when the title was first released. Anyone craving high-octane action should consider picking up the Switch version now for $29.99.

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If this all sounds a bit familiar, it’s probably because there were plans in place to release this version of Wild Guns for the Wii U. When that fell apart due to the Wii U being the Wii U, developer Natsume Inc. decided to just make a version of the game for the Nintendo Switch instead. 

That’s great news, but there is something bittersweet about playing this game again. All hyperbole aside, they quite literally don’t make games like this anymore. The disappearance of light guns and the falling favor of pure arcade shooter experiences means that Wild Guns remains one of the best of its kind and a true hidden gem. 

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