Xbox 4 Reportedly Codenamed “Scarlett”

The next-generation Xbox reportedly has a codename. According to a report from Thurrott which claims to be based on insider information and internal documents, members of the Xbox team have already started referring to the next device as “Scarlett.” The original report indicated that the name was Scarlet, but an update based on internal document information suggests that the name is actually Scarlett. Some of you may remember that the Xbox One X was codenamed “Scorpio” until its release.

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That’s not the most interesting piece of information from this report, though. It also appears that the Scarlett name doesn’t just apply to a single next-gen Xbox console but rather a “series of devices” that seem to all be related to gaming in some way. The report does not confirm when these devices will be released, but the most popular rumors at the moment suggest that 2020 is the anticipated year of arrival for whatever Microsoft is currently working on. 

As for what “series of devices” Microsoft could be developing, we’ve got some theories to share. The most obvious of those theories is that the next Xbox will be released across several price tiers that are divided by the incorporated features of the console. We’ve seen Microsoft do this in the past as it pertains to the storage space each console ships with, but it’s possible that the next Xbox might also follow the Xbox One X’s lead by featuring “consumer” and “pro” models. 

However, the way that Microsoft emphasized streaming during its E3 2018 presentation when talking about next-gen devices leads us to believe that Scarlett could also apply to some kind of streaming software initiative or even a Microsoft handheld gaming device to be used specifically for game streaming. 

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

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