You’re 14 Moves Away From The Perfect Bubble Butt

Great butts are NOT just for swimsuit season, ladies! Don’t get lazy just because you haven’t had to strut around in a bathing suit in a while. Check out the Booty Inferno video above or these exercises for your butt below. Whether you’re are at the gym, the park or your house, the following moves will work your glutes so you can break out the yoga pants, leggings and shorts with no regrets. Time to do some booty work!

Slide 1/14 – 1. Tip Toe Plié Squat:

Squats are a must-do exercise to earn your bubble butt, and this move puts a new twist on the traditional squat. The most important part of this exercise is posture! Learn how to do this move by clicking here.

Slide 2/14 – 2. Jumping Lunges:
Jumping Lunges Grouped

This exercise is a bouncier modification of the traditional lunge and it is sure to get you on your way to the perfect bubble butt. See the steps by clicking here.

» Pro tip: If the jump is just too hard on your knees, take a small step in between each lunge to take the weight off!

Slide 4/14 – 4. Straight Leg Pulse:
quaduped-with-leg-lift RESIZED

Get down on your hands and knees with your directly underneath your shoulders. Your knees should be hip-width apart and bent at 90 degrees. Tighten your core and extend one leg completely behind you to raise it to hip height, using your core to maintain stability. Lift leg as high as you can while keeping hips neutral. Then, lower the leg to hip level. Quickly pulse your leg for 15-20 reps. Remember to keep your spine straight and your stomach tight. Complete three sets on each leg. 

Slide 5/14 – 5. Wall Sit:
(Photo: PopSugar / Megan Wolfe Photography)

Don’t let the word “sit” throw you off, this move will have you feeling the burn! Click here to learn more about the wall sit.

» Pro tip: If you need an extra challenge, lift one leg and hold it straight out in front of you as you sit. Switch legs every 15 seconds.

Slide 7/14 – 7. Dumbbell Deadlifts:

435fe516730388b8 Deadlifts(Photo:

Not only does this exercise tone your butt, but the dumbbells also work your arms. Two benefits in one move! Learn more about dumbbell deadlifts here.

Slide 9/14 – 9. Plié Squat with Body Bar:
plie-squat-with-bar GROUPED

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes facing outward. Perform a squat with your knees pointing outward, holding your chest up and back straight. Click here for more details.


Slide 11/14 – 11. Plank Leg Triangle:
Plank-Leg-Triangle Grouped

Here’s another compound exercise. The Plank Leg Triangle works your glutes and thighs, while the plank puts your arms and core to work! Click here to see how to do this move.

» Pro tip: you can also perform this move in forearm plank position.

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