Zombie shooter Dead Rivals is out now on Android


Finally, after a long time, the official and global version of the famous game and the familiar name of the dead gamemath attackers, named Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO, was released for Android, and as always at the same time as the release, and for the first time to download and go for it.

You can install this beautiful game on your Android phone or tablet to survive and discover an open and wide universe in the apocalyptic environment, fight in the first role-playing, action and zombie-based game on the mobile! Travel to landless and grassland and discover with your band the cause of zombie outbreaks or compete with thousands of other players!

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Choose your class player, customize your character, create your own hiding place, attack your rivals, build your ammunition and weapons inventory, increase your skills and raise your opponents in defeating competitive PvP wars and win a fantastic action game! If you love shooting at zombies and tired of small games and double gameplay, do not be afraid that the title of Dead Rivals will surprise you all! This game is one of the most beautiful action games and the latest update comes with Data!

Some features of Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO for Android:
Choose the main character of the game from 3 different classes
The availability of dozens of different weapons for selection and use in combat
Stand against a wide range of powerful zombies
Ability to enter into alliances with users around the world or with friends
Includes special missions to evacuate contaminated areas, guide transport convoys and deal with surprise attacks.
Create your own accommodation with upgrade and customization
Excellent design, addictive gameplay, exciting sound and unmatched build
The Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO has been officially introduced on Google Play for a few hours and we have released it for the time being as a download! get it with one click from the high-speed servers. Ultimately, the Dead Rivals Zombie MMO game was tested by us without any problems.

Additional notes:

The game is online.
There is a possibility to download data via the game.
We have released the data for your convenience – these data have been removed from the game by us. (do not copy the sites – they are scandalized)
Soon you will download the game simultaneously with the release of the update.
Game mod version does not hack. (Do not ask for the mod method)

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