Demi Lovato Showcases Hourglass Curves in Revealing Instagram Photo

Don’t sleep on Demi Lovato’s steamy Instagram. The 25-year-old shared a revealing snap to Instagram Tuesday evening showing off her hourglass figure and signature jet-black locks.

(Photo: Instagram / @ddlovato)

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer posed with her hand on her hip in a plunging black long-sleeved dress, giving the camera a sultry stare. She captioned the Instagram photo with a single rose emoji.

The post sent her followers into a tizzy, leaving comments like “queen,” “beautiful” and plenty of heart-eye emojis.

The heart-racing photo comes days after she posted another steamy snap at Coachella. In that picture, she donned an open-back one-piece swimsuit that showed off her peachy posterior while she bent over the edge of the crystal clear pool.

Lovato makes it clear to her social media followers that through her fitness and eating habits, she’s accepted her body in ways she never used to.

Earlier this month, she shared a Boomerang clip to her Instagram story showcasing her cellulite. She can be seen from behind, wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of gray underwear. She drew a pink arrow to her thigh area and captioned it, “cellulite,” adding, “And yet I still love myself.”

(Photo: Demi Lovato / Instagram)

In a follow-up selfie, she showed herself from the front, giving her fans a sneak peek at her tummy, writing, “No thigh gap for me,” and adding the same “and yet I still love myself,” caption as on the previous post.

(Photo: Demi Lovato / Instagram)

Lovato famously has dealt with substance abuse and mental health issues, as well as an eating disorder. Ever since getting control over her struggles she has been open and honest and on a crusade to encourage self-confidence in her fans.

Everyone deals with their issues differently, though, and in a recent interview with InStyle, Lovato explained that concert meet-and-greets are one thing that can be “very emotional” due to the number of fans who open up to her.

“A lot of times people use that opportunity to dump their problems on me because they don’t know who else to talk to… They show me their cuts,” she explained. “I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘I was going to kill myself until I got this meet and greet.’ And you’re just like, ‘What?’ “

She went on to say, “You have to speak out about stuff, you have to use your voice for good.. I didn’t have anybody who was doing that when I was younger.”

“Nobody [I looked up to] was talking about mental illness. Nobody was talking about eating disorders. Nobody was talking about cutting. I wanted somebody for my little sister to look up to. I took on that role because I knew it was important,” Lovato added.

Many have praised the singer for standing up and speaking out about her self-image and mental health issues, as they feel she is setting a good example for how the conversation should go, with one fan saying, “I commend Demi for taking the steps she has to be there for others who may not have heard anyone else speak about [mental health] issues… I think she is doing a great job.”

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