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Filmmaking is one of the best professions according to a lot of people, and there is a very good reason why so many share the same opinion. Production of more recent other types of video content, especially films, has been around for a lot of time, and ever since it came out it was considered one of the best jobs that a person can have. Why? Because you get to work and her a lot of money, but at the same time create something that stays forever as a part of culture and history.

There’s no denying that some of the best films ever made are watched today by many new generations, despite the fact they were created in the 80s or even earlier than that. When you compare filmmaking to any other form of art, you can easily notice that it’s one of the best options when it comes to earning money, as well as becoming famous if you’re good at it.

Filmmaking is a real profession that requires a lot of experience and connections, but the great thing about it is that anyone can learn it with enough work, effort, consistency, and persistence. Let’s take a look at some of the best filmmakers in 2020.

1. Andrea Arnold

Source: theguardian

We’re beginning this list with an upcoming female filmmaker named Andrea Arnold. We know her mostly because of Red Road, a film that she made back in 2006. This was the starting point where her career took off, and we expect a lot of things from her in the future. She’s an upcoming filmmaker that we should watch out for in 2020. Andrea is known for dramas that focus on “ordinary people”. Her content is amazing and we’ll keep her on our radar.

2. Ozcan Alper

Source: perasinema

Ozcan Alper is known for his masterpiece Autumn that came out back in 2008. Just like a few other filmmakers on this list, we expect quite a lot from this person in 2020, judging by his past work and skill that he gathered throughout the years. If you haven’t watched Autumn and you’re into deep and meaningful stories, we wholeheartedly recommend it. Ozcan’s work is far from shallow, although some critics in the past tried to portray it as something that’s “masked” to look like it’s meaningful but it isn’t. However, we strongly disagree with them.

3. Damiano & Tiziano Tucci

The Tucci brothers started their own company called “Tucci & Company” and they decided to take their route in the filmmaking industry. Both Damiano and Tiziano are quite talented and have a lot of experience in this field. Besides working on their regular projects, they offer their filmmaking services for companies and clients from across the globe. Tucci & Company serves as a home for talented and diverse storytellers and filmmakers, stated on their website

4. Pelin Esmer

Source: iffr

Another female filmmaker that managed to gain a lot of popularity in the past couple of years with her content. She has a couple of independent films under her belt, and a few great examples are The Collector, Watchtower, The play, and most importantly, 10 to 11.

Although she didn’t study filmmaking, she decided to take this path as a career option. We’re very impressed by her film 10 to 11, and we recommend it to anyone who wants to see something from Pelin Esmer. If discovering new and upcoming filmmakers is what you’re after, this is the right thing to do. Pelin Esmer has her own film company named Sinefilm.

5. Eran Kolirin

Source: firstfilmsfirst

An Israeli director is mostly known for his film The Band’s Visit that was released back in 2007. The film is about a musical band that consists of eight people. When they get a play booked, they visit Israel from Egypt, but nobody comes after them while they’re waiting at the airport. This leads to them taking things into their matter but quickly afterward getting lost into a desert town. Night falls and they have to spend the rest of it in this town. This is where the funny and interesting moments begin. We love this film and we think that you should watch it.

Eran is working on new films and we believe that something new from him should come out soon. We recommend his other films as well, but if you want to get to know some more about this director, you should start with The Band’s Visit, it’s a wonderful film.

6. Lucrecia Martel

Source: mubi

A film director, producer, and screenwriter from Argentina. She’s currently 53 years old and has a lot of films under her name. One of her best deeds is The Swamp which came out back in 2001. Her films are said to have changed the Argentinian cinema. If you want to learn some more about this particular director, The Holy Girl, The Headless Woman, and Zama are all films that you should watch. Zama is the latest one that came out in 2017. Lucrecia has a very interesting past and it’s quite intriguing that she ended up making films for a living. Her family doesn’t have any history with this, as her father owned a paint shop and her mother spent all her time raising and helping the family.

7. Seyfi Teoman

Source: sadibey

Last but not least, we have Seyfi Teoman, a director known for his film The Summer Book which came out back in 2008. This film is about an agricultural merchant who suffers a tragedy involving a brain hemorrhage while out on a business trip. After Mustafa, the agricultural merchant falls into a coma, someone convinces her wife that he was having an affair. Things get a bit complicated when he loses his money, but we don’t want to reveal too much of the plot. It’s a really interesting movie that we wholeheartedly recommend if you are into this type of content. Seyfi Teoman’s work is quite promising and we expect a few new things off him in the future.

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