Yes, The World Has Realized Thanos Looks Exactly Like This Pokemon

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It has been months since Avengers: Infinity War made its mark, but fans cannot let its villain go. Thanos has been around the MCU for awhile now, but it took his appearance in the third Avengers flick to turn him into a meme. And, at long last, the Internet has found the Mad Titan’s true lookalike.

Yes, Thanos does look like a Pokemon, but the villain isn’t half as shiny as his Pocket Monster alter ego.

Over on Twitter, a viral post by user known as Fizzy informed the world about Thanos’ mini-me. As you can see below, the Mad Titan strikes a hilarious resemblance with Shiny Wailmer of all things.

With their small eyes and indented chins, Thanos and Shiny Wailmer could pass as twins. The two share a purple color scheme, and Wailmer’s mouth is as big as the one the Mad Titan has. Each of them have large chins with grooved lines, and Wailmer’s round shape perfectly matches Thanos’ bald head.

Naturally, the tweet has got fans thinking about other Pokemon tie-ins for Thanos, and Ditto seems to be a favorite. After all, the gelatinous creature can make itself an imposter of just about anyone including Thanos. Other fan-artist have made it their mission to give Shiny Wailmer its own Infinity Gauntlet, and that mash-up is just as hilarious as it is nonsensical.

Really, if Wailmer was going to collect anything, it would be Evolutionary Stones.

Of course, some fans are feeling bad for Wailmer’s regular form with this comparison. The pocket monster is a Generation 3 creature, and Wailmer’s original look gave him a navy-tan color scheme. The purple coloration is only seen in special Shiny Pokemon, but that’s just how the odds stacked up — perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Unfortunately for Thanos, this Pokemon is not the first thing he’s been compared to, and it will not be the last. The villain’s distinctive face prompted all sorts of memes once Avengers: Infinity War went live, and Twitter bore the brunt of the whacky comparisons. As you can see here, the Mad Titan found himself compared to everything from a George Foreman grill to gas station pastries.

Will you be able to unsee this comparison? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!

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