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Long-distance relationships are hard, that is a fact. Anyone who has ever been in love with the person who lives in another city or even state can relate to that. There is a lot of longing and talking on the phone. Thanks to the numerous means of communication and video calls that are made more accessible to a certain extent, but no one can deny that numerous challenges should be faced. However, there are ways to make it a little bit more fun since spending time together physically is not possible. Check out these activities that we have gathered!

1. Make your bucket list

Every person has some form of bucket list in mind, but most of us don’t even dare to put it on paper. This can be an excellent opportunity to do something fun with the person you love and spend some quality time together also if you are far away. Discuss the things you would like to do, whether snorkeling, diving, hiking, or jumping out of the airplane. Think about the places you would like to see during your lifetime. Compare your lists and make plans to do it together.

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2. Get to know each other better

The only thing you will be able to do when you are apart is talk, so why don’t you use it to your advantage? Ask all the things that you would like to know more about your loved one – does he want kids, what is his idea of an ideal life, talk about the things that make both of you happy, and simply enjoy this journey of discovering the things you didn’t know before. Perceive it as a chance to deepen your relationship!

3. Send him a Friendship Lamp

Touch is the official language of love. However, when the partners are far apart, that can be hard to do. Having friendship lamps will make it possible. When you think about your loved one and miss him or her, you can simply touch the lamp, and the lamp of your loved one will light up. It is the coolest invention for the people in love because doubt is a constant companion when they are far apart. This way, you won’t feel lonely. Friendship Lamps from the site of the same name look pretty cool, and it will help you feel connected to your significant other even when miles away!

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4. Make a music playlist

Listening to music can be fun, romantic, and inspiring, and it can be a great way to connect with your beloved. You can make a playlist together by adding the songs that you both like and enjoy. Both of you should add an equal number of songs to make one great compilation. On the other hand, you can also do it in a slightly different way – you can make a compilation for your darling and make one for you. It will be a complete surprise, and every time you listen to the songs, you will feel loved and cherished. Every effort counts, and you should keep in mind that even the slightest things will help you keep your relationship alive and vivid.

5. Schedule an adventure and send updates about it

If you would like to go to a certain event in your city, but you want to include somehow your darling into it, you can send him constant updates, so he will feel like he is there with you. Take pictures, record videos, and simply send as much information as possible. This way, it will be like you have been there together. It is essential to stay in touch and include your loved one in all the activities you can, so you continuously keep the sense of companionship.

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6. Watch the same movie at the same time

This can be pretty fun! It is certainly not the same as hugging, but it will do the trick. Discuss the movie you would like to watch and set the time convenient for both of you. Stay on a video call throughout the movie, so you can discuss it and exchange opinions. It will be like you are on a real date!

7. Send him a present

There is probably no person in the world that doesn’t like presents, so think about what your loved one would like to have. That can be a sweater, a blanket, a pillow, socks, underwear, pajamas, a book, a CD, or anything else that you think would be a good choice. It is sweet to wear something that your darling choice for you. It will be a bond to the person you love.

On the other hand, if your darling is sick, you can make a care package with treats that will put a smile on his face. Add soup, thermometer, chocolates, juice, and everything else that you might think of. Your loved one will certainly appreciate the fact that you care for him and make him feel better.

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8. Play games online

Challenge your significant other with a game that you both love. Considering that the selection of games is pretty diverse, it won’t be a problem to find one that will suit both of you. Since most games also have a chat, you can write messages to each other or simply be on a video call while you are playing.

The most important thing for long-distance relationships is to show that you care for each other. Once you realize that numerous fun activities can be done together, it will be much easier for you to find new ways to spend quality time with the person that means the world to you. Use every chance you can to connect and show that you care. Keep in mind that being apart is only temporary and that you will be spending time together pretty soon. Schedule dates in person whenever possible!

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