9 Netflix Hacks for Better Binging Experience

Embarking on an hours-long Netflix binge-watch is something that likely every subscriber has done. Aside from the guilt of sitting on the couch all day, you might be disappointed to know that you likely haven’t been getting the best experience out of your binge-watching session.

Fortunately for Netflix subscribers, some ingenious users have figured out a number of tips and tricks to optimize the streaming experience. With just a few small tweaks to your Netflix account, you will notice a world of difference the next time you want to blaze through a new show.

Keep scrolling to learn tips and tricks on how to get the best Netflix binge-watching experience.

Slide 1/9 – 1. Watch in HD

Even though you might be paying for HD on Netflix, you likely have been watching in the default low quality. However, not to worry, it’s an easy fix.

On your account page, check your subscription settings under Plan Details. If you are paying for HD, then you can go to Playback settings and select as high as you prefer.

If you aren’t on Wi-Fi, you may want to think again about making this change. Streaming in HD can eat up your data in a hurry and be quite costly.

Slide 2/9 – 2. No More Buffering

With thousands of TV shows and movies at your fingertips, the last thing you want to do after you’ve picked out what to watch is to wait for it to load. This can totally disrupt your viewing experience, but there is a way to work around it to improve speed.

Netflix has a “secret menu” in which you can lower video bitrate for smoother streaming. To access the “secret menu” on the computer, hold down Ctrl + Shift + Opt/Alt + S. Then click Override.

On a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up to get to the “secret menu.”

Slide 3/9 – 3. Guilt-Free Binging

For anyone that has plowed through seasons of hit shows like Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things in one sitting, you are likely familiar with the “Are You Still Watching?” feature. Fortunately, you can eliminate this pop-up question, so you don’t feel as guilty about your binge-watching session.

You can get rid of the check-in with a Chrome extension called Flix Assist. It will remove both the “Are You Still Watching?” feature as well as the countdown to the next episode.

Slide 4/9 – 4. Narrow Your Genre Search

Surfing through the massive Netflix library is a daunting task, and one that leaves some users feeling overwhelmed or unable to find the specific content they want.

To eliminate this wasted time, there is a list of more than 76,000 super-specific subgenres on Netflix. You can narrow down your search to content as specific as “Quirky Independent Showbiz Comedies,” or “Movies Based on Children’s Books.”

Slide 5/9 – 5. Skip Search Altogether

People that are in a time crunch, but want to briefly escape into a TV show or movie on Netflix can eliminate the time-consuming decision-making process with one simple step.

The fix for this situation is called Flix Roulette. It is a tool that chooses your entertainment for you. However, you can still narrow down the field by medium, genre, rating, actor, director, and/or keyword if you’d like.

Slide 6/9 – 6. Get a Decked-Out Dashboard

Google Chrome users can trick out their dashboard by downloading Netflix Enhancer.

This app has a variety of added functions like trailers, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and links to the IMDB profile for every title, according to EW.

Slide 7/9 – 7. Know What’s Coming and Going on Netflix

Many users like to add content to the queue for viewing at a later time only to discover in the weeks later that the TV show that they wanted to watch are now gone.

Every month Netflix announces the titles that will be added to the streaming service and the ones that will be getting the ax. Check out the Netflix titles that were added in September here.

Slide 8/9 – 8. Ditch the Freeloaders

While your friends may appreciate you giving them your Netflix password, you will likely be regretting that decision when your algorithm is thrown out of whack.

Your viewing habits are tracked by the streaming service. When you have multiple people watching shows or movies you would never watch, it ruins your personalized algorithm for suggested content.

To optimize your algorithm, go to your account settings and select “sign out of all devices.” Then change your password.

If you don’t feel like kicking your friends or family off your account, you can always make sure they create their own user profile.

Slide 9/9 – 9. Watch Without Wi-Fi

Because Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable in the coffee shop or on an airplane, you can always ensure that you will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies by downloading the content.

On the Netflix app on iPhone and Android, there are select titles available for download. It is important to note that when you do the actual downloading, you will need to have an Internet connection.

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