DJI Robomaster S1 Review: It Goes Pew Pew and also Teaches Coding

DJI reduced its teeth constructing drones. For a while if you claimed “drone” you were most likely speaking about the business’s Phantom line. In current years, the marketplace has actually completed and also DJI has actually branched off. This year, we considered DJI’s Osmo Action electronic camera (WIRED suggests 8/10) and also currently it has actually launched an “educational robot.” Think of it as a drone that does not fly.

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DJI’s Robomaster S1 robotic expanded out of the Robomaster robotic competitors in China. It’s a customer variation of the robotics that youngsters are constructing at your regional STEM-friendly college. As such, it’s not simply a robotic; It’s a finding out experience. You construct it, program it, and also fight various other robotics with it.

Some Assembly Required

The Robomaster gets here in 23 items with 101 screws and also a relatively easy to fix screwdriver to construct it. It took my youngsters and also I around 3 hrs to place it with each other.

The directions have sketch and also all the components are identified so you can determine what goes where. That claimed, there’s nearly no message, simply images. In some actions, specifically suitable with each other the wheels, a sentence or more would certainly have conserved some initiative invested attempting to figure out the line illustrations.


When you’re done constructing you’ll have a four-wheeled robotic with a rotating turret installed on the top of a shoebox-size framework. The turret can either terminate infrared light or tiny gel pellets. The S1 features a container of pellets, yet you require to saturate them for a pair hrs up until they expand to concerning the dimension of a little grape. They do not harmed when they strike you, yet DJI has actually restricted the turret’s angle of fire to maintain the concentrate on various other robotics. Certain settings, like tracking an individual, aren’t readily available when pellets remain in the S1. This robotic plans no damage.

Everything concerning the S1 is very durable and also strong. It’s primarily plastic, yet it’s sturdy plastic. When you’re done constructing it, the S1 seems like a strong item of tools, much more so than one of DJI’s drones. (Because weight isn’t much of a problem, the S1 can pay for to be stronger than a flying drone.) The S1 is well balanced and also really simple to regulate. Despite my best shots I never ever handled to turn it over.

One of the extra striking aspects of running the S1 is that it actually does not transform, it relocates sidewards. This style is enabled by the Mecanum wheels, a standard wheel with a collection of rollers affixed at a 45 level angle. The rollers revolve at 45 levels to the turning of the wheel, attracting the automobile sidewards.

You regulate the S1 via the Robomaster mobile application for iphone and also Android. After coupling with the Robomaster application, you can walk around with an onscreen joystick and also translucent the turret. There are 3 standard settings in the application: Solo, Battle, and also Lab. In Solo setting you regulate S1 by itself, and also Battle setting is for battling with various other S1s. Lab setting allows you experiment and also create programs to regulate the S1.

As with DJI’s drones, there is a controller marketed individually. The $79 RoboMaster S1 Gamepad (additionally readily available at B&H) provides a placing location large sufficient to hold an iPad and also has a physical joystick for extra exact control than you obtain with the online joystick in the application. If you prepare to fight various other S1 robotics or simply desire tighter guiding and also objective, I very advise updating to the Gamepad.


The body of the S1 has 31 sensing units ranged around it to notice whatever from infrared light to physical influences, in addition to a cam that can tape 1080p video clip. These sensing units allow the S1 browse, and also you can utilize them in the programs user interface. Programs can be created in Scratch, a kid-friendly drag-and-drop programs user interface, or Python. The Lab section of the application has a collection of training programs made to obtain youngsters began creating standard programs to regulate the S1.

Kids of All Ages

The Robomaster is focused on youngsters 14 and also up, though my 4-year-old and also 7-year-olds had a great deal of enjoyable aiding me place it with each other. For more youthful youngsters, what you have actually actually got is a $500 remote-controlled auto. My youngsters had a great deal of enjoyable constructing the Robomaster and afterwards driving around “my laser-shooting, remote-controlled car,” as my kid calls it. It additionally fires those water grains, which is rather amazing for youngsters of any kind of age, including me (it’s a lot more challenging to strike points with the water grains).

None of that enjoyable suffices to validate the S1’s rate, yet the programmability might. The knowing does not quit when you’re done setting up the S1; that’s simply when it starts. The Robomaster is extra of a STEM job than a laser-shooting, remote-controlled auto.

The programs readily available via the application and also on DJI’s website deal whatever you require to start creating programs in Scratch. The Python user interface is not recorded too, and also it’s most likely not a great way to find out Python many thanks to the intricacy of managing the robotic. Unless you’re currently knowledgeable about Python, I would certainly recommend making use of Scratch to set the S1, particularly for youngsters.

There’s additionally a RoboAcademy area in the application that provides some behind the curtain take a look at the S1’s modern technology. For instance, there’s a deep study just how the Mecanum wheels operate in the S1.

The S1 was a bunch of enjoyable to examination. It’s a well made and also thoughtful intro to robotics and also programs. It’s not inexpensive, however, for youngsters that are old adequate and also have a passion in STEM-oriented subjects or programs, the S1 is an amazing intro to the globe of robotics.

(The Robomaster S1 is readily available for $499 at DJI’s Store, B&H Photo, DroneNerds, and also Adorama.)

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