Stan Lee’s first appearance at UCM immortalized in a Funko Pop


At the end of 2018, the world lost Stan Lee, one of the greatest legends of comics, whose work will live forever in the imagination of millions of fans, but will also continue in comics, animation, cinema and a huge amount of merchandise he uses the Marvel figures.

The very figure of the former president of Marvel Comics was immortalized in a series of products, including in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he always had a quick cameo that delighted fans (at the top of the page).

And it was exactly the first of those appearances, in Iron Man (2008), which has now been transformed into one of the well-known Pop figures! from Funko, a limited edition that will be predictably very desirable for collectors.

The Pop! it will only be available during the next edition of the San Diego Comic-Con, which, as happened with practically all the conventions and face-to-face events on the planet, was forced to adapt to the new reality of the world, imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19. The virtual edition of Comic-Con 2020 is scheduled for the period between July 22nd and 26th, and according to rumors, it may not include Marvel Studios.

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