The Bed of Fleas (XXXI): Prints 8×03 Game of Thrones – The Long Night

Next edition of the Bed of Fleas , As you understand, in this area, periodicity variable (rely on you for replying to our concerns) we gather the representations that the Patreon for the Podcast of Ice and Fire to reach us.

This year we will certainly ask weekly to our patreons on their perceptions of the phases of the last period of Game of Thrones. So today we talk about the debatable 8×03 – The lengthy evening

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Ricardo Bolea

After a couple of days off I can just specify the phase as a FRUSTRATION.

I can forgive having actually seen dark places fifty percent of the phase, I can forgive the rubbish of the technique of fight, you can forgive also to Theon archer without any fingers and also a deux-ex-Melisandre so arbitrary. What I can not forgiver is that you have actually developed over 7 periods, a military of the dead and also a king of the evening completely incredible and also unstoppable for inefficient this way.

We had Hardhome and also the fiasco of the savages, we mosted likely to Hold the Door and also they damaged the youngsters of the woodland. Managed a dragon and also damaged the wall surface. Is everything for this? Do you such as to see what they squander and also disposed of just for Jorah and also Theon as noticeable faces? Annihilate all the freakin north and also all the actors endures, in the long run, dissatisfaction is outright.


The pedestrians do refrain anything throughout the fight and even show up. Dragon as well as, you have the battle scene airborne and also at the hideout with Jon, completely squandered. The skeletal systems in your line yet with the capability to find living functioning periodically.

And the King of the Night, that which cannot be quit or fuegodragón and also olympic champ javelin stops working to Dany to 10 meters. And Arya, I do not care that she may be the administrator (in retrospection makes good sense thinking about the collection), yet because when has the rate of Flash and also the capability to leap boundless, what are the powers of an awesome without a face?

In recap, the most effective, the very first discussion to Sansa-Tyrion in the crypts, and also the vemergency room to Dany with a sword, I never ever assumed I would certainly see the battle proactively (install dragon does not matter).

Please George, not so, understand that you’ll do far better.


Nacho Pagan

Oh, God of mine! Oh what’s that overhead!? Oh is it a bird!? Oh it’s an airplane!? Oh is a dragon!? No, seriously, I do not see anything! What is it, HBO?

Another week, an additional phase -dripped – the most up to date period of Game of Thrones. This specifically is one I have actually been expecting, as it covers the Battle for the Dawn and also the last battle in between the living and also the undead. For much more inri, l, or routed Miguel Sapochnik, to whom we owe artworks as a “House Stark”, “The Battle of the Bastards”, which is directly my favored, “Winds of Winter”.

I need to state, from my even more subjective point of view, that also without having actually been absorbed by the high assumptions that numerous had relative to this episode, I have actually been understood to bit, and also much more with the great seal that you had the previous one, “The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”.


But allow’s go initially with the most effective feature of this phase:

  1. The degree of technological competence. Jon and also Dany might not understand just how to guide fights, yet Miguel Sapochnik yes. There are aircrafts that I wish to have them in a box, as the face of Melisandre when they switch on the trenches, and also the sequence-shot of the dothrakis with their arakhs transforming has actually made me bristled the hair on your arms. At the degree of instructions, modifying and also digital photography, this episode is a pass.
  1. Theon Greyjoy has actually had the redemption and also goodbye he was worthy of, and also has actually lacked an uncertainty the fatality that has actually touched me most, although it might have been grown by safeguarding Bran without the demand of billing versus the King of the Night. Theon is dead, yet what is dead can not pass away, and also to us the number of this personality ever since not pass away. A roaring praise for Alfie Allen.
  1. Lyanna Mormont, being devoted to his word from the extremely initial episode in which we saw: a warrior of the Bear Island deserves 10 of the continent. Jorah likewise shows this, although your method makes us see that he has actually currently completed its job, which is to call “Khaleesi” Daenerys from the starting throughout. Now that Dany has actually discontinued to be Khaleesi to absence of dothrakis, Ser Jorah has actually had the ability to damage devoid of his duty.
  1. Ramin Djawadi, for a modification. This is the 2nd time that you listen to a piano in the whole collection after “Light of the Seven”, and also ever since it does not fall short in maintaining you narcissistic, although there is activity in the scene.

trailer-juego-de-tronos-803 However, there are aspects in this episode that numerous are not in consistency:

  1. The tactical ability of Invernalia. How lot of times I have actually assumed while enjoying the fight “Enrique December needs to be leaping out of the hairs now.”
  1. Despite the truth that they have actually shed almost three-quarters of the military, it appears like lI primary personalities have a mood (the manuscript) around it that shields them from all wickedness, reversing the property that we intended to infuse a Game of Thrones in the very first period with Ned Stark, and also is that it is extremely simple for a lead character to pass away.
  1. This fight, with its surprising closing (No one is Azor Ahai), it would certainly have been far better at the end of the collection. The opponent last and also clear-cut might not be Cersei. For 9 years, we have actually reached push the suggestion that the Walkers Whites are the risk most essential which are the villain pressure. Resolve that dispute in an episode and also leave the “second objectives” and afterwards makes it clear to us that Benioff and also Weiss, once more, they have actually offered concern to Game of Thrones prior to that a Song of Ice and also Fire.

Let’s see what we have actually prepared the collection since we have actually gotten to the equator. I merely ask that you please do not have a box of emergency situation with jokes concerning eunuchs.


Mary Braun

Oh where to begin! For me it has actually been an outstanding phase. In an additional minute it would certainly have been extremely essential yet, being so little for it to finish, I have actually chosen to appreciate it and also approve that with the little that lasts this period, it would certainly be tough to be pleased all and also close structures much more acceptable method.

That stated, of course experience numerous pests and also points that have actually made me heckle the television. First of all, the armed forces technique , so commonly stated therefore silly. I assume that really did not make any kind of feeling if the strategy was to draw in the King of the Night and also strike him after. Above all, if the minimum were to be passed to the prepare for the cellular lining and also start to spray walkers. After that you utilize the dragons when they assumed understanding plainly that they required… I have actually been disappointed a fair bit.

On the various other hand, I anticipated that there were any kind of fatality much more purposeful and also much more primary which provides me something of worry, does that mean that we will endure a lot more in the episodes we have left?

Finally, participating in the style of Arya being the one that eliminates the King of the Night, I assume that, if we have actually not seen come, it has actually been our mistake. We have actually been informed a thousand times (and also have actually seen) the ideal awesome that he is. It is silent, nimble, experienced with tools… And however we have actually favored to place confidence in Jon or Daenerys that have actually been erased totally from the fight. Perhaps the implementation time can be boosted, yet I have no grievances. In enhancement, high as we have actually been offered this “Battle for the dawn”, up until Dany he admits that it is assisting them since otherwise, there is no throne for her. Daenerys of the tornado, which does not melt, breaker of chains, mom of dragons… and also tronista.

To surface, for me it has actually ended up being clear that this collection is called Game of Thrones and also not Song of Ice and also Fire for that reason, you will certainly wish to clear up as a fantastic end that rests on the throne. If it is that what makes somebody.

 Daniel Bernat

This phase leaves me split. I understand that I have actually lived a unique experience on tv. We go to a transforming factor of the tv, something that makes sure to be born in mind by all that have actually seen it, completely or for wickedness. But my side analysis is not quiet, remains in the history, incordiando, and also advising me that the collection and also the stories vary in numerous points, and also perhaps this clash is among those aberrations. Can there be fight in Invernalia versus the Walkers? Of program, yet I assume that it will certainly be others entailed. What will be the Endgame Martin?

Aside from all this, and also much more concerns, I assume, question regarding the degree of collection. What do you finish with Jon? What with Bran? Are 2 personalities whose duty from the very first min of the legend (both in guides as in the collection) is linked to the dream, the Song of Ice and also Fire. After resolution of this episode, what is left for them? Bran has invested these 3 episodes practically like a furniture piece from Ikea, as a viewer that is just missing out on the snacks to see just how it complied with the occasions around them (what has been doing throughout the fight while Theon eliminated dexter and also ominous?), and also currently the question is above that which I have with Jon, since he has actually vowed tribute to their queen, and also it looks destined aid you to dominate the Throne.

But actually, it makes no feeling that any kind of north opt for Daenerys in the south. The Northern battle has actually finished today, the slogan ‘Winter is Coming’ has actually currently shed all its stamina, and also currently the survivors northerners need to go to the resources to challenge Cersei is practically absurd. Can you think of to Tormund battling before the Red Fort? Because I do not.


Leaving apart my component reviewing that looks for a sensible description to what has actually occurred, it is obvious that we are confronted with among the most effective episodes of the whole collection. That does not indicate that the fight strategy was birthed foolish, expand foolish, and also practically passed away fool. I suggest you read the essay that was published in the web of Henry December, in which he checks out the technique of the fight, yet you do not require to be extremely all set to understand, that if the strategy has actually been made by Jon and also Dany, was destined failing. When he has headed out well a preparation of armed forces to Jon?

Send the dothrakis to absolutely nothing even more outright, transforming them right into flesh; and also once again come under the justifications of the King of the Night, went after from one hand to an additional and also not to concentrate their power on burning and also desolating the crowd of the dead that was opened up tip up Invernalia; sanctuary for ladies and also youngsters in the crypts… not to state the position of the dragon on the flooring to virtually feast on the living, there is to be short-sighted to do that. The 2 crucial personalities of the collection (at the very least a priori) have actually been one of the most ineffective of the entire episode.

Theon Greyjoy has actually shut an advancement bestial throughout the collection, placing factor and also end to an arc of redemption is skillful. Melisandre has actually gone back to do one last solution to R hllor and also placed an end to his presence. Arya Stark eliminates the King of the Night, in a scene that has actually damaged down the plans to the viewers and also has actually affected the non-readers. Jorah Mormont has actually been slaughtered by khaleesi (without dothrakis hereafter phase). Until Lyanna Mormont has actually wound up with a titan. All of them have actually done greater than the pair Targaryen. If Cersei has actually seen the episode, I assume it can be relatively silent, since it is unsubstantiated that they have the ability to dominate Landing, the reality.

Needless to state, the instructions of Sapochnik has actually been mind-blowing once more, and also the songs of Djawadi three-fourths of the exact same. We have actually experienced a unique phenomenon, and also I would certainly practically call special.


 Estefania Enciso

The phase I suched as and also not. With a phase as anticipated, debate, and also frustration was something to anticipate. HBO has actually developed assumptions which it was difficult for them to live, and also although the phase is aesthetically magnificent and also actually discuss greater than one celebration, if you provide a little idea at some point leaves you with a vacant sensation and also great deals of concerns.

Is una fight topsy-turvy, in which the darkness is the large issue and also aid to keep that sensation of unpredictability. And although the dead are plentiful, it provides the sensation that he passed away, no one extremely vital, I assume we were all anticipating at the very least a fatality Stark and also various other precious personalities.

While it is not a phase of personalities, and also it is difficult to compare to the master’s level with the previous phase, there are likewise specific breaks that we are freed from the activity and also permit us to take a breath.

One point I appreciate fairly a it was to Sandor Clegane, that was maintained fairly in personality to leave from a fight as bordered by fire, and also as Arya places her training as a danzarina of the water in the battlements and also later on in the collection, where also I need to confess that I murmured ‘quiet as a darkness’. The scene of Melisandre go over, and also along with assisting the military aid us to see us far better, which is many thanks lots.


To see Jaime and also Brienne combating alongside each various other, saving each various other on numerous celebrations, and also after having the ability to enjoy Daenerys sharing discomfort, it is merely lovely.

We have actually had our little dancing of the dragons, a best end to the arc of redemption of Theon, dead out of the tombs of Invernalia, and also Lyanna Mormont has actually eliminated a titan.

Humanity has actually overcome the darkness, and also although n– or I like it in all the method at the last minute establishes since I do not see a structure for it to be Arya that eliminates the king of the evening (therefore quick), past the expression that Melisandre claims, and also the problem of the blade, there is no rejecting that this episode will certainly be engraved in our minds.


 Raul Rhapsody

At the degree of photo and also address I can not locate mistake since it has actually been a marvel and also currently what to state of the soundtrack in the last minute with Theon and also the King of the Night… But that is, at the degree of manuscript (not D&D) there are numerous points that do not make good sense. As as an example:

Put the dothraki on the lead being the just one that do not have actually offered of vidriagón, and also without establishing fire to the arakh’s (fortunate that Melisandre was choosing there).

Arya remaining in a collection with a couple of dead great ear which is put over by listening to 2 declines of blood be up to the ground (something virtually tough to pay attention to) yet Sam outside sobbing and also bordered by lots of dead and also none will certainly listen to…

Hide to the populace that can not combat in the crypt, where they stay, remains Stark, yet understanding Jon that the King of the Night has the power to reanimate the dead.

Daenerys, after conserving Jon from being eliminated by their very own soldiers resuscitated, makes a decision to land on Drogon because exact same story of land, bordered by thousands of zombies taking the chance of to be eliminated and even shed an additional dragon. I still provide credit score for such stupidness.


-The fatality (or self-destruction) devoid of Melisandre, which I assume a number of us assumed that if he passed away prior to dawn would certainly be combating them with his enchanting arts, not voluntarily.

-And the most awful, and alsois Arya Deus ex lover Machina that comes near the King of the Night preventing the pedestrians of safety to companion him and also the ranges of the location. How what will be done? Does leaping from a tower? There is No one that will certainly think it. In enhancement to that it will certainly bring all the tradition of the royal prince or princess that was assured (something that lead us in claiming a number of periods).

But as not whatever misbehaves, we verify that the collection is so various to guides that give us with the chance to far better appreciate both publications that we are. In enhancement to that on them the King of the Night therefore does not exist currently, it is a tale that Arya will certainly not have the ability to eliminate you as they have actually chosen to do in the collection. Another good idea is that the Dance of dragons, which, though short, we have actually had the ability to see that if HBO wishes to can do it.

Finally, I think that the verdict of this fight for the dawn ought to have been offered to you in the following episode, and also not half a period.


Álvaro Rodríguez Nail

Let’s pass get rid of this phase. Squarely with no tip of question on top of the episodes of the collection. It is a fantastic fight, where every one does what he can, and also all have actually been seeing gotten rid of one-to-one. As you’re entering the episode, you’re failing, and also I confess that the very first time I saw it I located myself asking yourself to myself just how would certainly our heroes leave this, and also also pertaining to obtain made use of to the suggestion that up until right here had actually come the personalities of Invernalia, which the following 3 phases, the wave will certainly go across the West face of the rejection of our reina leone.

But as soon as you complete the episode, loosened up atmosphere (the gritito throughout the last stabbing of Arya has not had the ability to quelch any person) and also believing gradually on what you have seen, gets to the factor in which your brow right begins to stand up, and also you word your concern: just how has This been about?

And must not have actually been. Let Me clarify: If we can sum up in a solitary line, the debate of the legend, it would certainly be something like “The globe mosts likely to shit, and also those that can avoid it are committed to eliminating each various other”. The Other opened up the collection, we saw also prior to the opening credit ratings, and also ought to have noted completion of the tale. Mankind has actually been incapable to quit them initially in the Fist of the First Men, after in House Stark, after that at the Wall, and also when lastly confronted with the very first wonderful stamina, simply whatever.

We will locate validation because each fight has permitted us to understand even more points of them, because this time around there were even more vidriagón, soldiers and also dragons, yet allow’s be sincere, neither of the dragons (past its magnificent series), or the vidriagón, not also the steel valyrio (what acerodragón?) have actually taken care of to quit the rise. It has actually been a mix of training, guts and also a pinch of foolish good luck.


The 2nd point that has me chirriado in this phase has actually been the affordable of this triumph. Yes, allow’s talk truthfully for an affordable. The best risk to humankind has actually been beat, and also just has actually cost us the lives of 5 personalities: The lord Commander Edd Tollet the Sentences, woman Lyanna Mormont (what a sadness scene), lord Beric Dondarrion (for individual factors, a fatality that harmed me a whole lot, although it was rational that right here he really did not), Theon Greyjoy (anticipated to shut his arc of redemption), Melisandre of Asshai (likewise with the task met), and also ser Jorah Mormont (perhaps the fatality of one of the most brave of the episode and also an additional of one of the most agonizing).

Once much more, past the feeling of the episode and also endure over and over for every knockdown of the lead characters (each time Brienne was a strike I offered a infartito); you are entrusted to the taste that the rate of this fight has actually been affordable. We discuss Game of Thrones, a collection that has actually eliminated at the very least a couple of lead characters or side of weight by period, and also right here most have actually appeared fairly untouched. That leaves us with the sensation that the bulk, or is to restore the North, or make it through the battles to find.

Also worth a reference is the songs. Ramin has actually been used right here each time they have actually paid attention to the soundtrack. My faves have actually been both items that place the history to the encounter the military of the dead, where there is a base of percussion that appears to be noting time and also producing in the audience a feeling of distress awful. And when I was playing the last of the King of the Night, that songs mix of fight and also funeral service march, one can not stay clear of remembering the surge of the septum, and also whatever appeared to indicate an outcome such as this.

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