The Walking Dead: Connie’s Return Explained


Later, Magna explained to Yumiko how she was able to survive the blast inside the cave, revealing that she and Connie had been able to camouflage themselves within the walker horde as they exited the cave and made their way to the Hilltop. Unfortunately, Connie and Magna became separated when some walkers came between them and they were unable to find each other again.

What took Connie so long to find her way back to the communities? The simple explanation is that she was in such a bad state after the explosion that she became disoriented and couldn’t find her way. How much time has passed between the midseason premiere and the finale is unclear, so it’s hard to tell just how long Connie has been on the road back to group. It’s possible the show will explore Connie’s trek further in a later episode. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for Connie now that she’s met Virgil, who doesn’t exactly have the best track record on the show.

In the comics, Connie plays a part in the Whisperer War and even lives to tell the tale, although not without losing an appendage. During a Whisperer attack, Connie is bitten in the arm by a walker but is saved by Magna, who manages to sever part of the limb before the infection spreads. Alive and mostly in one shape, Connie plays a part in later storylines, including Alexandria’s conflict with the Commonwealth, a massive settlement that is the setting of the final arc of the comic book.

Of course, the TV series has already taken several liberties with Connie’s story. For one thing, the character is deaf on the show (played brilliantly by Lauren Ridloff). The show also establishes Kelly as Connie’s sister and not her boyfriend like in the comics. The role of romantic interest is instead being filled by Daryl, who has been flirting with Connie since season 9.

Based on the changes already made to the character, it seems the show has a different story in mind for Connie. Whatever happens to Connie, it’s likely we’ll find out in the next few months when “A Certain Doom” finally airs on AMC.

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